The Kennel Club – Dogs and Emotional Dispositions

It is finally time for yet another study on the Human-Dog bond! We are looking for Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze instructor, and dog owners about to start a GCDS Bronze class with your dog. If you fall into any of these two groups, we would love if you would assist us in a study we are currently running.

First step is to download and read through the information about the study here:

Information for Dog Trainers and Owners – Dogs of Edinburgh 2017

Once you are happy with the information given, we would appreciate if you would fill in the first part of our survey (the second part will be emailed to you after 2 months).

If you are a KC GCDS instructor, please fill in this survey:

The survey is now closed.

If you are a dog owner on a waiting list for a KC GCDS Bronze class, or about to your Bronze class, please fill in this survey:

The survey is now closed.

Please note that any identifying information is entirely confidential and will only be used to pair the first and the second part of the survey with each other. All results from the survey will be anonymous.

If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Linnea Lyckberg (researcher)           

Elizabeth Austin (supervisor)           




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